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Blue Hands United (BHU) is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization founded in 2014 and based in Dearborn, MI.

The organization was founded by Mona Alaouie and Mariam Alaouie. The founders came together to form this organization as a practical step to help families affected by autism, just as their families were affected by autism. Mariam personally has children with autism. Facing the struggles of families affected by autism, they wanted to extend the helping hand that they wish they had.


The founders are also the organization’s current directors along with Ahmad Ghamlouche and Wissam Najjar. In addition to its directors, the organization has a pool of approximately 60 volunteers ready to participate and help at any given time for its events and functions.


Blue Hands United was founded to serve and provide hope for families affected by autism. This area is so important due to the lack of education and awareness about autism and the autistic community. This in turn creates frustration and a feeling of helplessness amongst families affected by autism. The need for organizations dedicated to autism awareness, like Blue Hands United, is great and continues to grow.


Blue Hands United has been at the forefront of autism awareness in the Dearborn community for the past four years. In this short period of time, it has been able to build bridges between organizations and community members in the cause of awareness for autism. The organization has deconstructed many preconceived notions of the autistic community. In addition, they have educated so many families and individuals about the reality of autism.


The foundation has focused on the Dearborn community, particularly the community within Dearborn Public Schools, because of the great need that exists in this area. Though the organization serves families from all racial and ethnic backgrounds, given the high concentration of Arab-Americans in the Dearborn area, many of the families are of Arab-American descent. The organization is well positioned to serve this particular population given that all of its directors, and many of its volunteers, are Arabic speaking and come from an Arab-American background. This has been a huge plus in reaching families that would otherwise be underserved and isolated. Relatability is key in the organization’s service of families affected by autism.


Creating hope for families affected by autism and special needs.


To educate and raise awareness about autism & special needs, advocate for families affected by ASD, better the lives of ASD children and adults, and invest in their future.


Helping families affected by autism and special needs discover ways to better their lives, and supporting them in making changes to bring about their greatest potential.


Our goals are to be accomplished within 3 – 5 years.

  1. Educate and spread awareness to school professionals about children with autism and special needs.
  2. Create a support system and network for parents to raise awareness.
  3. Raise awareness to doctors about being autism and special needs friendly
  4. Provide a network of businesses that are friendly to hiring young adults with autism and special needs.

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